Saturday, 7 July, 2007

George has it easy, defeats Advani

B D Narayankar

PUNE: The ‘sanyas’ from the sport did not bother him much nor did it affect his game. Despite this, he showed extraordinary determination to succeed in the PGI Snooker Championship being held here on Friday. PGI’s George Fernandes, raising his vision of a comeback, trounced Jugal Advani of Panchasheel Club 57-47 and 83-70 in straight frames.

Shedding his initial inhibitions, George started his campaign steadily. He, however, failed to take an early lead despite getting a handful lot of opportunities.

This saw the battle between George and Advani streaming neck-and-neck. It was fascinating for onlookers, but the board-gladiators felt the heat of the competition. Soon the nerves got hold of Advani and he started committing far too many mistakes that gave leverage to George to capitalise and win the frame 57-47.

“The fight went down to the black-ball-game in my favor. I should thank myself that I kept my cool,” George told Herald after the match.

Exuding confidence after melting down his opponent in the first frame, George blew apart Advani 87-70 in the second frame. Displaying a tremendous game, the winner potted reds and colors impressively. “I went for unthinkable angles to pot the colors,” he said.

In the second frame, George capitalized after Advani broke the bunch to his advantage. Consequently, the former made a break of 25 points and later played safe, not giving enough room for the rival to break huge points.

RESULTS: Snooker: Bhushan Shahade (Dadar Club) bt Chaitanya Halde (PYC) 56-17, 56-37; Billiards: Felix Francis (PGI) bt Bhushan Shahade (Dadar) 100-76, 97-101, 101-55; Mohan Jagtap (PSC) bt Divesh Inamdar (Deccan Gymkhana) 100-94, 101-56; Harish Talavde (Mischiefmakers) bt Uday Kunde (Deccan Gymkhana) 100-45, 100-57

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