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Bangalore Switches on Deepavali Lights

JDS-Congress enter a secret pact

BANGALORE, May 17, 2008: With polling in both phases crossing a decent 60 percent, the chances of BJP's victory run appears to be more imminent. The party might just scrape through for a simple majority or even run short of it by couple of seats for a simple majority. Simple majority will be 113 seats and as per the exit polls at the end of the second phase the BJP is slated to get a total of 105-107 seats when the third phase ends on 22nd May. The calculations are done based on the history of voting pattern in the state the elections in 1999 that was when BJP started gaining prominence in state politics, and also the JDS had started devouring the vote share of Congress. The state was clearly divided into four zones namely Coastal belt which is dominated by BJP with interspersing of Congress, South and Central Karnataka which is a JDS dominated area-predominantly an area inhabited by Vokkaligas and the Northern Karnataka which is a Veerashaiva belt which is a hotbed of community based politics topped up with religious overtones.
The division is clearly seen in the last two elections in 1999 and 2004 and according to election watchers this division is going to be more prominent in the next phase considering the good polling percentage in the first two phases. The third phase constituencies are located in the Northern Karnataka where Congress is stronger and JDS has been gaining prominence of late due to the Vokkaliga-Veerashaiva understanding. According to sources in the Parties the Congress and JDS have entered into a secret pact to co-operate with each other in the third phase. The nature of co-operation will be based on the strength of both parties in the constituencies. Wherever the Congress is stronger the JDS will go slow to allow the Congress to win and the Congress will give tacit support to JDS wherever its own chances are weak in some constituencies. This device was basically designed to minimize the BJP in this phase. It is forgone conclusion that whenever the voting crosses 55 per cent the BJP stands to gain and in the last two phases the voting had been 68 per cent and 60 per cent respectively which means the BJP’s share has increased. It could be hypothetical, but the dynamics of politics cannot go wrong. It is also evident that in the third phase bigwigs like Dharm Singh, Mallikarjuna Kharge, H.K. Patil will be contesting and their victories will be a most prominent for the Congress while does not have much stakes except for few constituencies. The BJP is likely to strain every fibre in its structure to eke out that last bit of votes as its Chief Ministerial candidate B.S. Yeddyurappa is a Veerashaiva and has already mobilized support base for the party among the various Veerashaiva religious institutions like Mutts, educational institutions and other organizations.


BJP changes poll strategy

Bangalore,May 16, 2008: The Bharatiya Janata Party has modified its strategy for the campaign in the final phase of polling by making “political stability” its main poll plank.
Though political stability was one of the key issues in the party’s agenda for the first two phases of polling, it is going to be the main issue in the third phase.
Such a decision is said to have been taken as the third phase of election, in the light of the exit poll surveys, would not only decide the winners but also decide whether there will be a hung Assembly. The exit polls have indicated that the BJP’s performance has been a shade better than its rivals and consequently, the BJP is keen on putting in a good performance in the third phase as well.
According to sources, terrorism would be the second main issue as Hubli, which witnessed a bomb blast, and Belgaum, from where a suspected terrorist was arrested, go to the polls in the last phase. Party General Secretary and spokesperson Suresh Kumar told The Hindu that the theme for the final phase was “the BJP is the only answer for political stability”.

The Hindu

Exit poll says BJP gains lead in Karnataka

Bangalore, 17 May , 2008: The Bharatiya Janata Party emerged on top with 32-42 out of the 66 seats, which went to polls in the second phase of Karnataka assembly elections on Friday. The BJP was followed by the Congress (15-20) and Janata Dal-Secular (8-12), according to an exit poll by NDTV news channel.
The BJP's vote share marked a three percent swing in its favour, while the Congress faced a loss of one percent votes and JD-S two percent, it said.
Special: Battle for Karnataka Full coverage
Others were expected to win around 2-4 seats, the exit poll said.
The saffron party emerged winners in the first phase of the poll held on May 10 when polling was held in 89 seats, according to the exit poll by the channel on that day.
After exit polls covering 155 seats (more than half of the total of 224), the BJP has been projected to get 73 seats, the Congress 45 and the JD-S 42.
The third and final phase of polling will cover 69 seats.

Source: Sify

Karnataka`s next CM?

Aditi Phadnis / New Delhi May 17, 2008:
Like Yedyurappa did earlier, the Congress may now have to go in for numerology.
So the voting in the Shikaripura Assembly constituency is over and the outcome is sealed, to be signed and delivered on May 25 when the counting for the Assembly elections is scheduled. Next Sunday, we will know who will form the government in Karnataka. As Shimoga is the region that has returned S Bangarappa without a break the last seven times he has contested the elections, B S Yeddyurappa could become Karnataka's first chief minister to be elected from the Legislative Council rather than the Assembly.
Actually, Yeddyurappa could have been declared chief minister with greater confidence this time, if he hadn't made a hash of it the last time around. Despite BJP chief Rajnath Singh's express instructions that "Mr Yeddyurappa, you shall not put in a bid to form a government" at the end of October 2007, he virtually defied the diktat and became chief minister with the help of the Janata Dal S — for precisely a week from November 12 to 19. In that one week, the BJP lost all the goodwill it had managed to garner after sitting Chief Minister Kumaraswamy reneged on the BJP-JDS arrangement that entailed Yeddyurappa becoming CM for the rest of the term. Yeddyurappa rushed to stake his claim and had to give it up within days.
This time again, party leader L K Advani has declared that the BJP will enter into no alliances and would rather sit in the opposition than form a coalition government. It would not have been necessary for him to say that had Yeddyurappa not shown the inordinate haste to become CM last time.
It is not all Yeddyurappa's fault if you consider the stakes. In Bellary, the heart of Karnataka's mining district that went to the polls yesterday, the Congress candidate and mining magnate Anil Lad declared Rs 178 crore as his assets. The BJP candidate Somshekara Reddy — one of three Reddy brothers who run a powerful mining business — declared Rs 60 crore. Both used private helicopters freely to campaign (Bellary has the highest per capita number of helicopters anywhere in the country) till the Election Commission told them laconically, it was all being added up in their campaigning bill and they were in danger of being disqualified if they violated their spending limit. In the last 15 days alone, officials of the Election Commission and district administration have seized close to Rs 10.5 crore from vehicles entering the city. Curiously, the Samajwadi Party candidate stood down in favour of the Congress candidate in Bellary.
Unsurprisingly, everyone, both in the BJP and the Congress, wants to control the election. If in the Congress, this is going to be the single most important reason for the party's debacle (it may have to go, cap in hand, to H D Deve Gowda once again to beg the support of his Janata Dal S to form a government), in the BJP, it is the biggest motivation for intraparty sabotage. Knives are finding their way into people's backs with deft accuracy.
All this is causing liberals in the Congress to complain bitterly about all the things that are wrong with their party that could end up working to the BJP's advantage. In the first phase in which 89 constituencies — mostly in the Old Mysore region — went to the polls, the Congress expects 40 to 45 but admits freely that if the figure is nearer 30, it simply is not good enough. In the second phase, basically in the middle Karnataka region, from the east to the west, of the 66 constituencies, the party expects around 25, but state intelligence sources put this closer to 15. In the last phase, 69 seats in the so-called Hyderabad Karnataka, all the reports suggest the BJP is better placed.
The Congress had 65 seats out of 224 in the last Assembly. This time, they should have had between 90 and 100. The state party says the BJP is more likely to reach that number. This is because every leader has pretty much dictated the choice of candidates, where winnability is not a factor — deal-making capacity is.
Consider Bangalore with nearly 30 assembly seats, both rural and urban. Bangalore South is going to be lost by the Congress because of a weak candidate. At least three other constituencies in Bangalore will suffer because of the choice of candidate.
There are other reasons why the BJP is grinning. Siddaramiah, of the low-caste Kuruba community, was enticed by the Congress to leave Deve Gowda's government where he was deputy chief minister, on the promise of chief ministership. Of course, later the Congress said no such promise was made. Now, Siddaramiah finds that even if the Congress miraculously manages to form a government, the prize will not go to him. So why should he work at getting the Congress to win. He is working hard to drive the Lingayats — perceived as oppressors by the Kurubas — out of the Congress to notch up points with his community. If he is not chief minister, why should he care who is? Veerappa Moily, another top Congress leader, recently released advertisements with his smiling visage (and he isn't even contesting) about a programme that he claimed he had launched. It was actually launched by former IT Minister B K Chandrashekar.
On a scale of 10, the Congress rates the importance of winning Karnataka at 6 or 7. This is because if the BJP wins Karnataka, it will, of course, be bad for Congress liberals, but it will have the effect of setting off a leadership war in the Karnataka Congress, leaving open the possibility of splits and the eventual decimation of the party.
During the period he was fighting Deve Gowda, Yedyurappa, it is now well known, changed the way he spelt his name on advice from numerologists in the hope that things would go his way. Reports from Karnataka suggest it is the Congress that may have to resort to numerology next.

BJP's southern Hindutva at work

NDTV, May 16, 2008 8:56 PM (Mangalore): Karnataka saw the second phase of polling on Friday, and 60 per cent of the people turned up to vote for a stable government in the state.However, will the BJP's strategy of Hindutva work in coastal Karnataka? They've been building temples to work their way into the power.Coastal Karnataka is popularly known as the laboratory for the growth of Hindutva in south India. The BJP has been able to make significant in roads in this region, which was once a Congress bastion.The strategy is simple, work with the people for building temples and do not be mistaken by the Ram temple in Ayodhya but by rebuilding and renovating old ancient temples in the region.Nagaraj Shetty is a former minister in the BJP-JDS government who was responsible for temple renovation in Karnataka.He is nicknamed the Narendra Modi of Mangalore and has been accused of inciting communal riots in the coastal region. And there's no stopping the BJP strongman. Nagaraj Shetty avoids visiting a mosque and is quite open in his attempt to use the temple movement."We started tempting the people, we go to them as government minister or government representative, we go to the village and tell them we are with you start working, renovate this temple 800 or 1000 years old," said Nagaraj Shetty, BJP candidate.And it's with this over 2,000 temple network in south Kanara, the BJP along with the help of the Sangh Parivar has been able to make significant inroads. The campaign style is simple, no elaborate public meetings, but temple workers perform pujas and a lunch for the friendly neighbourhood with a chance to meet their candidate."The important thing is we have gone deep into the villages and attracted all the segments, even the lowest strata of the society, the kodagu community," said V S Acharaya, BJP leader.This has paid dividend in the last elections, the Congress was decimated in the coastal region which has 15 seats. Years of neglect and factionalism by senior Congress leaders have only helped the BJP better its chances.The Congress is now working hard in telling this backward caste dominated region that they are being misled."For a short time they can fool the people, they understand and realise particularly the minority community is condemned like anything," said Janardhan Poojary, Congress leader.It's with these temple renovation projects that the BJP has been able to work with local communities to make significant inroads into what was once a Congress citadel.

Poll fever grips Shikaripur

Shikaripur (Karnataka), May 16, 2008: Normal life came to a standstill as almost every shop including pan shops, textile showrooms, grocery stores, garages and eateries remained closed in Shikaripur which is witnessing a big fight between BJP's Chief Ministerial Candidate B S Yeddyurappa and former Chief Minister and SP candidate S Bangarappa.

With two 'tuskers' of the Karnataka politics involved in a fierce fight for supremacy, normal life came to a standstill and all roads leading to the polling stations in this town in Shimoga district.

Shikaripur is witnessing a big fight between BJP's Chief Ministerial Candidate B S Yeddyurappa and former Chief Minister and SP candidate S Bangarappa, who is supported by Congress and the JD(S).

Amidst tight security arrangements polling had remained completely peaceful in this malnad town nestled amidst Western ghats. Almost every shop including pan shops, textile showrooms, grocery stores, garages and eateries remained closed. Only a few medical shops were seen opened. In every street corner people, who had returned from polling booths, stood in groups discussing the fate of the two former Chief Ministers.

In most places polling remained brisk since the 7am start and in villages like Isooru, Kalmane, Gama and Church Hundi 50 per cent of the voters had cast their franchise before 1pm. However, in the town itself, polling was not that brisk. When this correspondent spoke to the voters they opined that the two leaders, well known for their high egos, were in a neck-and-neck fight.

Shimoga district has given four Chief Ministers to the state and will it give the fifth this time? This will depend on the victory of Mr Yeddyurappa and of course BJP manages a majority on its own. Learning a bitter lesson after being unceremoniously dumped by JD(S) in November that led to the mid-term poll, BJP has vowed that if it does not get a majority on its own it would sit in the opposition benches.


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Reaching out to businessmen without hassles

B D Narayankar
Pune: Want to share a presentation with friends, co-workers or the web at large without worrying about who does or does not have powerpoint installed? Then AuthorStream, a free presentation sharing site, provides the much-needed solution. The site empowers presentation authors to reach business viewers instantaneously.

Business professionals, students, educators, trainers and other people create billions of presentations in power point format each year and then struggle to find an easy way to share their important content with others.

AuthorStream gives millions of power point users a solution. They no longer send files, only post them to to inspire, educate and persuade any audience, anywhere on the web. "There is no easier way to share presentations. AuthorStream is safest, simplest and effective mode of sharing and distributing information to meet immediate communication needs," said AuthorStream product head Umesh Sharma.

Without AuthorStream, giving out power point slide shows on web could be cumbersome, requiring complicated viewing software, such as PowerPoint Viewer software. It makes it easy to communicate presentations to a worldwide audience without them having the PowerPoint software. The site’s presentation management feature gives relief from disk space problems, search, and retrieval of scattered presentations on the disk. . "One does not need to have power point to view the presentation or worry about the space problem to store presentations," Umesh Sharma added.

Members of the free AuthorStream community simply upload their power point files to receive an embed source code. They then post it on a blog, web site or any social media community, distributing their embedded presentations freely for viewing and downloading. "Unlike other presentation-sharing software that distorts the slide show, AuthorStream retains graphics as created, keeping animations and sounds," Umesh Sharma said.

The site has a striking and uncanny resemblance to Google's Youtube. There is a very interesting poposition that there are no videos on it, just power point presentations converted to flash format. All this user-submitted content can be searched, clicked and played online without having to download a single file.

Bloggers would surely love the idea of pasting a tiny code snippet and have something flashy to show off, instead of having to upload the presentation files to a server and link them for download, which is more extenuating and expensive exercise.

The site also allows viewing presentations in "full screen" mode by clicking on the appropriate icon. There is a volume control as in Youtube for those presentations that have background soundtracks or sounds. "Visitors can leave comments about each entry, just as in Youtube where you can say how good the site was," Umesh Sharma said.

Though internet is the best mode to send these presentations to meet instant communication needs world over, the heavy-sized power point, speed of internet and lack of space for storing presentations are major hindrances to meet the objective.

Presentations are increasingly used in corporate world. Recent numbers suggest that about 30 million power point presentations are created everyday. Figures also show that the number of PowerPoint presentations user is about 500 million. So in this backdrop, it becomes that much necessary for power point authors to use AuthorStream to reach business viewers without any hassles.

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Power your way up in the corporate world with authorSTREAM

Pune: "The art of communication is the language of leadership." — James Humes

Suiting aptly to the quote, the communication is the one of the major drivers of most businesses. With the world shrinking due to globalization, the face of business communication is making a shift from lengthy documents to crispier and instant information, to meet the instant communication demand. Presentation is one such tool, which helps structure one's thoughts in an effective way. That is why presentations are increasingly used in the corporate world. Recent numbers suggest that about 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created everyday. Figures also show that the number of PowerPoint presentation users is about 500 million. Though internet is the best mode of to send these presentations to meet instant communication needs across geographies, the heavy size of PowerPoint, speed of internet and the sense of losing control over the presentation are major hindrances to meet the objective.

In such a situation, one needs a solution and an easy way to share these presentations. authorSTREAM ( provides the solution. authorSTREAM is a user generated presentation site, which empowers the author of presentations to reach its viewers directly over the internet. Mr. Umesh Sharma, Product head, authorSTREAM says, “In today’s corporate world, PowerPoint presentations are an important authoring tool and authorSTREAM is the safest, simplest and effective mode of sharing and distributing them to meet the immediate communication needs. We are getting tremendous response from the users which is evident from the increasing number of presentation uploading and views per month.”

Briefly, authorSTREAM can be a solution to all the presentation-sharing problems in the world of communication.

About authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM is a technologically advanced company exhibiting the attributes of a true Web 2.0 company. AuthorSTREAM is a user generated presentation site that empowers the author to reach its viewers directly. It also gives the freedom to embed presentation in one’s blogs, download to ipods, or share on youtube. One does not need to have PowerPoint to view the presentation or worry about the space problem to store these presentations. authorSTREAM provides the facility to view a presentation to the viewer even without having PowerPoint on the system. The presentation management feature of authorSTREAM gives relief from disk space problems and retrieval of scattered presentations on the disk.

authorSTREAM is a great online community that gives access to numerous presentations on varied subjects uploaded by community members. The site has already registered 8,00,000 views in just seven months of its introduction. The total number of presentations uploaded on authorSTREAM is 50,000. One can find exciting presentations on just about any topic, rate them, post a comment and even download them if the author has given the permission. Besides satiating author’s urge to reach the viewers directly without intervention of publishers, authorSTREAM proves to be a strong tool for marketing/ Sales professionals to share presentations with their clients in an effective and simple way.

authorSTREAM doesn’t depreciate the quality of the presentations as it is the platform which offers a number of advanced features like animation effects, sound, animated inserted images, rehearsed timings, narrations, embed code and Stats, RSS Feed and Full Screen player. authorSTREAM also provides strict security to the private presentation. Only invited registered members can access private presentations. It also means that private presentations are not indexed by the search engines, and are not accessible directly. authorSTREAM can be effectively used in areas of training, e-learning, marketing, sales, and corporate communications.

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BSP factor worrying major parties

Bangalore/Mangalore: The run up to the elections in the state had starting with the first phase on 10 May there has been one factor that has been worrying the major political parties is that of the emergence of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). The party which was considered an underdog just before the electioneering began has now become a major contender if not to the tune of BJP and Congress it could well be in the driver's seat and could turn out to be a decisive force in the formation of the government.
The major parties had discounted the BSP as a party from Uttar Pradesh and had belonged to just Dalits and backward classes, but the last few weeks had seen some interesting developments in the BSP. The major parties have started taking it seriously. The BSP has now started getting support from all quarters of the society, and leaders who have been with the other parties have started talking about the party and some of them even joined it.
BSP leaders Ganesh, M Muniyappa, Vir Singh, B Atri at a press conference in Bangalore
It could not be just the Dalit and BCs votes that will come to the rescue of the BSP but also that of the upper Hindu castes and Muslim minorities and Christian Dalits which is now worrying BJP and Congress, these were the vote banks of BJP and Congress. Just how did the BSP manage to get such a wide spectrum of vote banks? Ask Mr. Marasandra Muniyappa president of the state party unit and he says it is the "philosophy" behind party. Akka Mayawati had given the party such a legacy that the party has come out of the communal or caste circles and has launched itself on the higher social thinking where castes, communities and religion did not matter when it comes to empowerment of the people.
Doling out statistics Mr.Muniyappa like seasoned politician says 24.5 dalit votes that are in Karnataka did not have a direction till the advent of BSP but now they do have an option in BSP - they were till now the Congress voters and perhaps some of them in the rural areas were also bought up by the BJP and the JD(S). Mr.Muniyappa says there are instances in the last elections when BSP has made a sure dent in the vote volumes of the Congress and cites the example of Anekal reserved constituency where the BSP candidate B.Gopal polled 24,841 votes bringing down the Congress votes by 20 percent. National General Secretary of the party Veer Singh says the BSP will make an impact in not just one or two reserved constituencies but also in all of them and he hopes to get not less than 50-60 seats this elections. Whenever the next elections comes around, the party will be able to get majority to form the government on its own says Veer Singh.
Courtesy: Mangalorean

Will Rahul's charm work for Congress?

As the Battle for Bangalore continued, this is not just a crucial poll for Congress but a litmus test for Gandhi scion Rahul. With just one day remaining in the Mandate 2008, Can his charm woo the voter in Karnataka? or will he burn his fingers like he did in Uttar Pradesh.
Rahul Gandhi may have a fan following among young women, but he will need more than a charm offensive to win the battle for Bangalore. The AICC General Secretary kickstarted the poll campaign for the Congress during his "Discover India" tour.
Rahul Gandhi met tribals and Dalits in often ignored areas of BR Hill in Chamarajanagar and then even threw his SPG officers off guard to spend some time with this group of students. Even as the opposition frowned at the Gandhi scion's visit, for Congressmen in Karnataka the young leader's visit came as a breath of fresh air.
But they and even Rahul knows Karnataka is the litmus test for him. Perhaps bigger that Gujarat or Uttar Pradesh, where he burnt his fingers badly. More so as the Congress has a large base in Karnataka unlike Gujarat or UP. Rahul has been projected as the Congress's star campaigner and his performance in Karnataka is being watched very carefully as it comes on the heels of the 2009 general elections.

Courtesy: Times Now