Thursday, 26 July, 2007

Foursome awesome enter pre-quarters

B D Narayankar

PUNE: Jaideep Khandekar, Bhushan Sahade, Satish Karad and Jaideep Deshpande stormed into the quarterfinals of Poona Goan Institute (PGI) snooker championship here on Monday after defeating their rivals.

Jaideep of Deccan Gymkhana came from behind after losing the first frame 11-48 to Antony D’Gama of PGI with scores of 64-21, 57-26 and 59-43.

Bhushan Sahade outclassed Colonel Sanchez 26-58, 55-37, 62-19, 79-18 before bouncing back into the game with a vengeance after tasting defeat from the latter.

Satish of Samarth Club trounced Yogesh Sharma of Poona Club 17-64, 65-25, 66-41, 16-65, 63-45, while Deshpande beat George Fernandes after conceding the second frame with a scoreline of 60-51, 43-58, 50-33, 50-47.

Jaideep proved too good for his rival Antony after the first-frame defeat, mauling him in the following three frames. “I had to focus on my game after I lost my first frame. I was a bit nervous though when I began my second frame,” Jaideep told Herald after winning the match.

All of three -- Jaideep, Bhushan and Satish -- endured good initial breaks in their second frames suiting their style that catapulted their confidence to a different level. Soon they were potting pinks, reds, blacks and greens with elan. “When I got the initial breaks, I became confident. I enjoyed my game thereafter,” Satish said.

Bhushan opened his first frame in great style taking a lead of 30 points early on. Never did he allow Sanchez to give him snookers. “I gave a couple of snookers that squeezed confidence out of him. I took full advantage of his mistakes, pocketing vital points at regular intervals of the match,” he said.

RESULTS: Jaideep Khandekar (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Antony D’Gama 11-48, 64-21, 57-26, 59-43; Bhushan Sahade (Dadar Gymkhana) bt Colonel Sanchez (CMA, Khadki) 26-58, 55-37, 62-19, 79-18; Satish Karad (Samarth Club) bt Yogesh Sharma (Poona Club) 17-64, 65-25, 66-41, 16-65, 63-45; Jaideep Deshpande bt George Fernandes (PGI) 60-51, 43-58, 50-33, 50-47

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