Tuesday, 24 June, 2008

It's not for the rich alone!

B D Narayankar

Pune: With the sizeable increase of neo-rich population and young professionals in metropolitan cities, spa is evolving into an ideal destination of relaxation. Though, a few years ago, spas were the choice of the rich and the famous, they are no longer restricted to them.

"Apart from companies like Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) and VLCC, entrepreneurial ventures like The Four Fountains Spa set up by IIT, IIM and S.P. Jain graduates are opening spas at strategic locations in cities to cash in on the new trend. The Four Fountains Spa has come up with a new idea of a day spa where a person can visit a spa and let up the strain in few hours at surprisingly affordable prices."

Sunil Rao, Director of The Four Fountains Spa, says: "With the hectic city life people are finding it difficult to take a two-day leave to relax. In this scenario, a day spa is the best option, where you can reduce fatigue, enhance your mood and detoxify your body within a day at surprisingly affordable prices."

Suhrid Barua, Times of India principal sports correspondent, says: “Spa, for me, is a place for rediscovering self. A place where I can relax and forget everything about the world.” The trend of upper middle class visiting day spas is attributed to the changing life style and increase in the stress level among young professionals. “Through affordable prices, convenient locations and simplification of the spa experience, The Four Fountains Spa fancies making spas accessible to common people. There is a stark change in the upper middle class people’s thinking. They are visiting day spas frequently, even during weekdays.”

Day spa culture in US and Europe is still in its nascent stage, but is a rage in India. “Spa industry in India is a Rs 100-crore business and will grow into a Rs 4,000-crore business a few years from now. The Four Fountains Spa wants to avail this opportunity to make a mark in the day spa market,” Sunil Rao said.

Monday, 16 June, 2008

Come, visit the surprisingly affordable The Four Fountains Spa

B D Narayankar

Pune: Almost everybody would despise tiredness. But feeling tired is an option now. Come, slip into the world of harmony. There, you will be enveloped by refreshing air and ethereal music, that will bring vitality to life at surprisingly affordable price. Yes we are referring to The Four Fountains Spa which is conveniently located in your neighborhoods of Koregaon Park and Aundh.

Those seeking to maximize solace would prefer to visit a spa where the emphasis on health and well being are evident in the therapies offered. Most spas in Pune offer only Ayurvedic therapies.

Those that offer other therapies charge much higher prices. Some guests attest that they would prefer the more affordable properties over the big names, even if they had all the money in the world.

The Four Fountains Spa exudes warmth inside from the moment you walk through the door. It has 16 fully air-conditioned therapy rooms at Koregaon Park (7) and Aundh (9), each focused on tranquility.

The spa menu treats guests to different styles of Indian and world massage therapies, body treatments such as body polishes, body wraps and facials. The Four Fountains Spa also offers a selection of the choicest therapies from across the world.

The Four Fountains Spa respects the guests’ privacy and offers ‘same gender therapists’ – women therapists for women and men therapists for men. Individual shower enclosures in each room and provision of disposable underclothes ensure highest degree of hygiene and privacy.

The therapists are well qualified and specially trained to give guests a refreshing experience. There also is in-house training and retraining for therapists imparted by trainers

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Friday, 13 June, 2008

The Four Fountains Spa, a new-age gift for loved ones

B D Narayankar

Pune: Buying gifts for your loved ones who have it all fills many of us with undue stress. Year in and year out we stock up on matching gloves and scarves, socks and ties and soon realize that we gave identical presents last year.

Make a difference and treat your loved ones to The Four Fountains Spa gift vouchers, which can be redeemed for tharapies of day spas. They can indulge in one of two pampering therapies available at Koregaon Park and Aundh.

Spa gifting is the newest trend world over and has caught people's imagination. More and more people are gifting each other spa vouchers. Gone are the days when people used to gift roses and perfumes to their loved ones. Their place has been taken by spa gift vouchers.

Unlike other gifts, this gift makes your loved ones feel kingly when they spend a day's time at spas, especially at The Four Fountains Spa. Parents wishing to enjoy a few hours of solitude together, can treat themselves with a variety of traditional and world therapies, facials and oil massages.

The Four Fountains Spa gift vouchers are easy-to-buy and easy-to-use. They can even be purchased online. Just fill in a simple order form and The Four Fountains will ship the voucher to whatever delivery address you choose. If the internet isn't at your fingertips, pick up a The Four Fountains Spa gift voucher at Koregaon Park and Aundh offices.

With a couple of spa choice in the city, this gift guarantees to alleviate all the stresses of your loved ones. But more importantly, it shows you care for them.

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