Thursday, 19 July, 2007

Felix storms into last four

B D Narayankar
PUNE: In a match featuring two Poona Goan Institute (PGI) cueists, Felix Francis beat Crazol D’Silva 101-83, 100-72, 68-101, 86-101, 100-40 and stormed into last four round of the PGI Billiards Championship here on Wednesday.

Both Felix and Crazol were brilliant, with former winning first two frames and latter the next two. First four frames were simply fascinating and it was a sea-saw contest. Felix, however, prevailed in the decider and appeared running into his best form when he steamed past Crazol 100-40. It was simply exhilarating stuff under pressure.

The first frame bore the stamp of authority as Felix clinched the first frame 101-83 in a hard-fought battle. A superb clearance to pot balls snuffed Crazol’s steam out. In next frame too, Felix prevailed 100-72. In the third, Crazol hit back with 68-101 triumph mesmerising Felix.

It was vital for Felix to impress his personality on the match to qualify for the last four round.

In yet another match, Raju Khandke won 67-break points, a feat to cherish. He beat his rival Ashok Punjabi 100-60, 102-14, 100-93.

RESULTS: Felix Francis bt Crazol D’Silva 101-83, 100-72, 68-101, 86-101, 100-40; Felix Francis bt Leo Alfanso 100-34, 103-42, 100-23; Raju Khandke bt Ashok Punjabi 100-60, 102-14, 100-93

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