Tuesday, 26 June, 2007

Fernandez overpowers Deshmukh

Photo: Mukund Bhute
Harish Talawde in action
B D Narayankar

PUNE: Notwithstanding the disadvantage of not having played his opponent before, George Fernandez of Poona Goan Institute (PGI) overwhelmed a better player Abhishek Deshmukh 74-46, 68-27 in straight frames in the fifth PGI Open Snooker and Billiards Championship here on Monday.

Playing against a relatively unknown Deshmukh proved advantageous for George, playing snooker freely. The battle, however, was not easy.

George had to sweat it out in a see-saw contest. “It was not an easy to defeat Deshmukh. He was potting reds and colors with great precision,” George told Maharashtra Herald after the match.

George opened his campaign on a high note, taking a lead of 30 points. He slumped midway getting snookers, allowing Deshmukh to garner 24 points on the trot. Capitalising on his opponent’s mistake, George got a couple of counter snookers, pocketing 13 points and the frame.

Second frame was a close call for both the competitors. Capitalising on Deshmukh’s missed opportunities, George made a break of 17 points. Fortifying his position with solid breaks, he outclassed his opponent in tactics and potting. “I knew that the only way to beat was to go all out. He is a good potter and I had to outdo him in that department. I was satisfied with my performance and I went for unthinkable angles to pot the colors,” George said.

In yet another game, Agnelo Harry of PGI beat Arun Barve 37-54, 61-54 and 66-42. Barve started off with flying color in the first frame, but could not maintain the winning tempo in the next two frames. Ninad Garg of Pool Junction met the same fate against Harish Talavde of Mischiefmakers after winning the first frame. He lost 33-60, 59-16, 57-27.

In the only billiards match today, Colonel Sancez beat Sachin Sanchatti 94-100, 101-46 and 101-93. Sancez displayed brilliant billiards after making a resurgent comeback after going down in the first frame.

RESULTS: Snooker: League stages: George Fernandes (PGI) bt Abhishek Deshmukh 74-46, 68-27; Agnelo Harry (PGI) bt Arun Barve (PYC Hindu Gymkhana) 37-54, 61-54, 66-42; Harish Talavde (Mischiefmakers) bt Ninad Garg (Pool Junction) 33-60, 59-16, 57-27; Billiards: League stages: Col. Sancez bt Sachin Sanchatti 94-100, 101-46, 101-93

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