Friday, 16 May, 2008

Reaching out to businessmen without hassles

B D Narayankar
Pune: Want to share a presentation with friends, co-workers or the web at large without worrying about who does or does not have powerpoint installed? Then AuthorStream, a free presentation sharing site, provides the much-needed solution. The site empowers presentation authors to reach business viewers instantaneously.

Business professionals, students, educators, trainers and other people create billions of presentations in power point format each year and then struggle to find an easy way to share their important content with others.

AuthorStream gives millions of power point users a solution. They no longer send files, only post them to to inspire, educate and persuade any audience, anywhere on the web. "There is no easier way to share presentations. AuthorStream is safest, simplest and effective mode of sharing and distributing information to meet immediate communication needs," said AuthorStream product head Umesh Sharma.

Without AuthorStream, giving out power point slide shows on web could be cumbersome, requiring complicated viewing software, such as PowerPoint Viewer software. It makes it easy to communicate presentations to a worldwide audience without them having the PowerPoint software. The site’s presentation management feature gives relief from disk space problems, search, and retrieval of scattered presentations on the disk. . "One does not need to have power point to view the presentation or worry about the space problem to store presentations," Umesh Sharma added.

Members of the free AuthorStream community simply upload their power point files to receive an embed source code. They then post it on a blog, web site or any social media community, distributing their embedded presentations freely for viewing and downloading. "Unlike other presentation-sharing software that distorts the slide show, AuthorStream retains graphics as created, keeping animations and sounds," Umesh Sharma said.

The site has a striking and uncanny resemblance to Google's Youtube. There is a very interesting poposition that there are no videos on it, just power point presentations converted to flash format. All this user-submitted content can be searched, clicked and played online without having to download a single file.

Bloggers would surely love the idea of pasting a tiny code snippet and have something flashy to show off, instead of having to upload the presentation files to a server and link them for download, which is more extenuating and expensive exercise.

The site also allows viewing presentations in "full screen" mode by clicking on the appropriate icon. There is a volume control as in Youtube for those presentations that have background soundtracks or sounds. "Visitors can leave comments about each entry, just as in Youtube where you can say how good the site was," Umesh Sharma said.

Though internet is the best mode to send these presentations to meet instant communication needs world over, the heavy-sized power point, speed of internet and lack of space for storing presentations are major hindrances to meet the objective.

Presentations are increasingly used in corporate world. Recent numbers suggest that about 30 million power point presentations are created everyday. Figures also show that the number of PowerPoint presentations user is about 500 million. So in this backdrop, it becomes that much necessary for power point authors to use AuthorStream to reach business viewers without any hassles.

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