Saturday, 7 June, 2008

Congress Party rebels in India ready to defect to BJP and NDA coalition

The common people of India are upset with Sonia Gandhi for ruining the Indian economy. It is a similar situation like in US where common people are blaming Bush and Cheney and the right wing neo cons for ruining US economy.
India is on the verge of providing a landslide victory to BJP like never before to put a stop to devastating mindless policies of the current Government led by the Congress Party. The feelings are of desperation among the party workers in the Congress party of India. They face rejection from their communities, friends and families and even from their religious sects.
These Congress party workers realize that the days of Sonia Gandhi is almost over. Unless she uses emergency laws like her mother in law Late Indira Gandhi, she will have to depart from Indian politics forever. These party workers at the grass roots level are upset and are trying to find face-savings ways to defect to the BJP led NDA coalition.
In Karnataka, something interesting happened. Five independent newly elected members of the legislative Assembly have extended support to the BJP's government on their own volition. That is a general trend in India today. That shows the general feeling of the common people of India who in general are not party activists.
Congress Party lost all three by-elections for the Parliament in New Delhi. The Congress Party workers feel disenchanted at Sonia gandhi’s leadership.

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